Positions and Roles

Executive Board 

The board is responsible for fund leadership and investment strategy. The board consists of seven members, including the following: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Director of Performance Director of External Relations, Director of Education, and Director of Personnel. Board members are typically students in their junior year who have already completed at least one semester in GUSIF.

Industry Leadership

This includes the portfolio managers (PMs) and vice presidents (VPs) of each of the seven industries. Industry leaders are responsible for managing their respective sectors, and are expected to deliver above-market returns and manage their industry membership.

Industry Members

Membership includes investment analysts which belong to each industry and assist the PMs and VPs in the fund's analysis and idea generation. Once analysts are accepted in GUSIF, they have the oppurtunity to learn more about each industry. Afterwards, they are placed within one of our seven industry groups.


A typical industry resembles the following:

Responsibilities of each of the members include the following:

  • Portfolio Manager Responsible for leadership and overall investment strategy of portfolio. This includes analysis, industry discussion, presentations, and dealing with the board on other matters.​

  • Vice President Responsible for news and assisting the PM in leadership duties. The VP also works on analysis and investment related duties, but his/her primary function is to help analysts reach the expectations set by the PM.​

  • Analyst Responsible for equity research and investment idea generation. Analysts put together presentations and develop the analysis for the industry leaders to review and discuss at weekly meetings.